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Boundary Conditions is a blog about electronic calendering, time lines, timekeeping and scheduling tools. The main purpose is personal for me to clarify how various tools work and how they can be made to work together. To that end, questions are welcomed. If I think I know the answer, I can try to explain it. If I don’t know the answer, then I can learn. Either fill out a comment form on a related issue, or drop me a line.

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  1. Erik Says:

    Hi Ray.
    I realize you aren’t blogging just for the pleasure of answering questions, but you seem to know a lot about the Google calendar, so I was hoping you could help me out.
    I’m working on a calendar application that will allow people to schedule events that are happening in the local area. It’s gone fairly well, but I’ve hit upon a little bit of a snag.

    Google calendars allows for recurring events, and further allows for the editing of those events, so I could have an event that happens every Monday, but reschedule next Monday’s occurrence for Tuesday instead. What I can’t figure out, is how to add occurrences. ie, letting the aforementioned event also run this coming Friday.

    I’m using the Google Calendar API, and if you have any idea how this could be achieved, or if you need me to explain it better, please let me know.

    Erik Wiffin

  2. Ray Baxter Says:

    Hi Erik,

    I haven’t done this, and just thinking about it, it seems possible it could work in Google Calendar. You would just POST your additional occurrence to the edit url of the event.

    However, Google has tried to work within standards and the model for recurrences developed in RFC 2445 is one where an exception is either a particular instance of an event that does not occur or is changed, not adding additional occurrences. It doesn’t specifically disallow adding occurrences, but in the way that you suggest, but it also doesn’t mention them and it isn’t completely obvious that it wouldn’t break lots of conforming applications.

    This post: http://groups.google.com/group/google-calendar-help-dataapi/browse_thread/thread/dccd4854ea9b774b seems to suggest that it isn’t allowed by Google.

    All that said, in my usage, there normally isn’t anything special about recurring events. If you have a recurring event called “Event!” every Monday, just add a new event called “Event!” on Friday.

    Hope that helps,


  3. Mike Says:


    Came across your site – interesting resource and kudos.

    I have not evaluated the Google calendar system and features to date, primarily due to time constraints and inherent concerns with various aspects of the Google model. Still I do use and recommend many of their services and features.

    Personally, have attempted to use Mozilla Sunbird on a limited basis but to date that has been a “bust” even for personal use.

    I maintain several calendars associated with e-mail services but clearly these are of limited use unless there a notification feature associated with calendar.

    As such, the calendar system I have been using or attempting to use for various private and public groups is the Yahoo calendar system.

    I do not see where you have covered anything regarding the Yahoo calendar feature.

    Not saying it is the “best” or anything near that but suggest you could provide a valuable resource for Yahoo calendar users to the extent that you include some discussion of the Yahoo Calendar system and strengths and weaknesses.

    My particular interest is the use of Calendars in and with Yahoo Groups and the potential to link calendars between groups and one’s own personal calendar and of course the inherent provision for e-mail and other forms of alert reminders for specific events embedded in a given Yahoo calendar.

    Suggest that this is an existing resource open to the public and that it would be helpful to me and likely others if you could include at least a cursory review of the Yahoo Calendar system and its features, strengths, and weaknesses.

    I believe this would be of merit – even if only to recommend other calendar systems with comparable features to readers – based on your assessment of the Yahoo calendar system and features – and knowledge of other systems.



  4. Mike Says:

    Oops – email typo and likely should not have included it in the first place.

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